Zahraniční dobrovolníci v ICM

Během února 2018 / února 2019 hostíme dobrovolnici z Rumunska, můžete se těšit na tradiční aktivity (konverzace, tandemy, E-Voices, národní podvečery apod.).

Co dělají, čím žijí a s čím se potýkají naše dobrovolnice, si také můžete pravidelně číst v anglických E-VoiceS a na blogu Young Europeans in Prostějov.

2018–2019 – Maria Hretculesei

Maria Hretculesei

Maria si pro Vás připravila pár informací o sobě. Aktuální informace o probíhajících aktivitách najdete vždy na našem webu.

únor 2018 / únor 2019

Pokud máte zájem naši dobrovolnici kontaktovat, můžete na maria zavináč



Once upon a time there was a girl named Maria, she lived in Predeal, a small town from the center of Romania.

This town is surrounded by beautiful mountains. During the summer people come here to relax and enjoy the silence of nature, in winter time they come here not only to escape from the big cities, but also to ski or snowboard and spent quality time with friends or families, also many kids come here both in summer and winter in camps.

Going back to the girl from our story, she was different from the other habitants from this city as most of them were involved in truism or they were sky or snowboarding instructors, but she was more interested in the human nature, in knowing herself and discovering more about her place in the world. So she went to a bigger city close to her home town to study psychology and from there her life extended and larger perspectives started to develop.

She started doing volunteering at a local church that helped women who had experiences with domestic violence, this experience helped her be more confident in herself and more open.

She had a hunger for knowing so she read different books about self-development, she went to different workshops and from there she discovered spirituality and new approaches in knowing and healing yourself, like meditation, family constellation therapy, Reiki, angel’s therapy, mandalas and others.

The mandalas brought a new world with them as she enjoyed in creating them, she started doing also jewelry with mandalas and semiprecious stones. Also had some experiences in teaching others in creating their own mandala, so she started doing different creative workshops mostly with kids in different context and this brought her joy.

Besides this as I said she enjoys learning and discovering more about herself and the world through experience, that’s why she loves non formal education, and be part of different trainings mostly as participant, but also as trainer.

Also she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking - that she discovered with her friends, in the last years and she enjoys more and more, spending time with close friends – just talking, going for a walk, helping each-others or having board game nights, traveling, exploring the world by learning more about other cultures and meeting new people.

And now Maria she’s up to start a new journey, that will bring her in Prostějov. She feels enthusiastic and curious about what changes will bring this year in herself and her life and also what impact she will have on others and she hopes for the best Smile.

Call for volunteer 2018/2019

The door of opportunities open


When: May 2018 – May 2019 (or as soon as possible)

Where: Prostejov, Czech republic

Organization: Information Youth Centre


Description of project:

The aim of the project "EVS – The door of opportunities open" is to offer young people the opportunity for personal development and informal learning, and also to show young people from Prostejov possibilities, which they have thanks to the European Voluntary Service and the Erasmus+ programme. On the one hand, the volunteers bring their culture into the host country, on the other hand they can learn about the local culture, so it could lead to mutual enrichment and beginning of intercultural cooperation. Volunteers in the project can learn to express their thoughts, emotions and experiences. They will get the opportunity to learn how to manage their work and leisure.

Other info:

We have prepared accommodation for you in a flat, where you will live with the second one volunteer. For each of you we have a separate room. The Prostejov is quite small city and there live about 45 000 people. Volunteers get the amount of pocket money per month, which they can use for food and free time. You can check the attached timetable which can be changed (depends on your activities and our programme).

Who we are looking for?

We would like to host volunteer who want to learn how to prepare activities for children and young people and want to test their own ideas and activities. Race, ethnicity, gender and religion will not affect the volunteer selection process. We are looking for one volunteer (Best from Spain, but other countries of EU also possible).


More information about us check here.

More about project check here.


If you are interested in send us an email with your CV and motivation letter at: kocourkova(at)