2016 – Výměna mládeže YOUth 4 Peace


The international youth exchange:

“YOUth 4 Peace”

20th-28th of November 2016,
in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (map)

What is “YOUth 4 Peace” project?

"YOUth 4 Peace" is an international youth exchange mobility project that will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 20th to 28th of November 2016 (including the arrival and departure days).

The 30 young people participants from 6 European countries attending this youth exchange are aged between 15-17 years old and coming from both rural and urban backgrounds. The participants will be willing to work with people coming from different cultural, educational and social environments. The motivated young people taking part in the project will be motivated to contribute to a peaceful world by having a proactive attitude on a personal level and within their own communities.

The aim of the youth exchange is to develop the life skills of 30 young people between 15-17 years old coming from 6 European countries in order to better deal with the challenges they face as global citizens.

The objectives:

  1. The 1st objective of the YOUth for Peace project is for 30 young people to experience and integrate four basic life skills: conflict management, creative problem-solving, critical thinking and empathy.
  2. The second objective of the present project is to develop a proactive global attitude for the 30 young people. The experience of the project will be very empowering, and it will also give them a hands-on experience of the interconnectedness of the world.
  3. The third objective of the project is to increase awareness regarding the benefits of cooperation based on trust for the 30 young people participating in the project.

The project seeks to achieve the above-mentioned objectives by means of a powerful non formal tool. The participants will get the chance to put their mind and heart into playing an interactive board game called the World Peace Game which is a complex real-life simulation that gives children the opportunity to creatively solve the crises of humanity, to manage the budget of their countries and to negotiate in order to achieve peace and prosperity. The learning by doing experience of the game followed by the debriefing sessions will provide the participants with a full-circle and empowering learning experience that would equip them with the mindset, attitude and necessary skills to be the engaged, community-oriented and mindful European citizens that Europe so desperately needs for a peaceful future.

What is World Peace Game?

John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game – John Hunter's TED Talk

World Peace Game // GLOBART 2014 – Presentation of the game made by GLOBART from Austria, our partners :)

Czech group:

  • 5 young people (2/3 boys and 2/3 girls), 15-17 years old
  • one youth leader (over 18 years old)

Profile of the participant:

The young people participants will:

  • good level of spoken and written English;
  • be aged 15-17 years old;
  • have an intense motivation to contribute by all means to a better world;
  • will come from both rural and urban backgrounds;
  • have a high motivation in discovering new methods of non-formal education;
  • are motivated to participate actively to all the activities;

Financial conditions:

Accommodation, food and project’s materials are covered by the coordinating organization.
You will pay: participation fee 250 CZK, travel insurance and a participation in travelling costs (if the costs will be higher than 170 € per participant)

Would you like to be a part of this project?

Fill in application form below and sent it to info zavináč icmprostejov.cz deadline is 14th September.

Do you need more information?

Contact Anna Müllerová, ICM Prostějov, personally or via e-mail info zavináč icmprostejov.cz.

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