22/09/2015 - 12/08/2016

Elena nabídla mladým lidem i veřejnosti španělskou a anglickou konverzaci, ale také jazykové tandemy. Zapojila se do organiace soutěže Dobrodružství s počítačem, Dne otevřených dveří i prezentačních akcí jako Scholaris Prostějov, prezentovala ICM a Evropskou dobrovolnou službu, např. na Snídani s novináři v Olomouci, při návštěvě v Náchodě nebo na seminářích SYTYKIA a HYHO pro středoškoláky v Prostějově. Samostatně připravila Španělský podvečer a video o EDS What is EVS. Společně s Marion Bonnefoy pak připravila pro studenty CMG i veřejnost kreativní workshopy, Noc s Andersenem nebo kroužek Míčové hry in English.


Hello, my name is Elena, I am 22 years old and I am Spanish. I live in Granada, an amazing city of the south of Spain. If I had to choose what is the most beautiful place to visit there, I would say the Alhambra. It is an old castle that has lot of history between Muslims and Christians.

Spain has wonderful beaches and coasts which I visit every summer.

Our food is known for being very healthy and delicious. Especially in bars, it is very cheap to eat and drink.

Moreover, the good weather is another reason because lots of tourists visit Spain every year.

About me, I am very cheerful, friendly and funny.

I love laughing and spending time with my friends.

If I had to decide what is my favorite hobby, I would say animals. Currently I have a guinea pig that my mum will take care of while I am in Prostejov :). In my free time I like to see documentaries or visit the animals of my friends!

I also love travelling and it is one of the reasons because I am looking forward to go to Czech Republic. I consider that knowing different cultures and learn from everyone is something really grateful and useful. I will do my best and I am sure that this kind of experiences help you grow personally a lot. It is also an opportunity to think about the future and decide who I want to be.

I studied Labor Relations and Human Resources. I am not sure yet, but probably in a future I would like to work in something related to Human Resources because I like treating with people.

However, I also enjoy a lot working with children and teenagers, in an environment that is not related with a company, such as summer camps or trips :).