Mandala workshop

Who I am?

I am dreamer, a beauty lover, a soul artist, an explorer of life and curious learner, and here and now I am EVS volunteer at ICM Prostejov.

Why I do mandalas?

I’ve always admired the beauty of the Mandala itself. It was fascinating for me to see how the patterns expand and grow from the center to the exterior combining different shapes and colors that connect so beautifully together resulting the Mandala.

Another reason besides the beauty of the mandala is the process itself which helps me be in the Present moment, connected with my intuition and in a state of flow that the process of creations brings with itself and this makes me feel more focused and calm.

I’ve started creating mandalas since 2012, I remember buying myself a coloring book with mandalas and realizing that this is not enough for me anymore – that I wanted to learn how to create my own mandalas and so I’ve found the book “Mandalas of Light” written by Ursula Irrgang and since then I kept on learning and creating mandalas.

And now I feel is the moment to share with other people what I’ve learned and discovered through time and experience.

Mandala Workshop

What to expect?

  • To discover deeper meanings of what a mandala is;
  • To discover the connection between Fibonacci’s code and the creation of the mandala;
  • To decide what mandala you want to create and set an intention for your mandala;
  • To be guided and learn the steps in creating your own mandala;
  • To use basic mathematics calculations in creating your personalized mandala;
  • To discover the connection between letters and numbers as well as the color code that is used in coloring the mandala;
  • To give yourself a moment with yourself for yourself
  • No special creative talent required!


  • on Tuesday 05/02/2019, 15:30-18:00


  • in ICM Prostějov, Komenského 17

The workshop will be in English and it is dedicated for persons over 15 years old.

If you want to join the event please sent an e-mail at: maria zavináč

See you there with joy and positive vibes!